Plum Point Young at Heart (Y@H)

Hannah and Tyler

The name of the group may sound like a bunch of “old folks,” but Plum Point Young at Heart represents young and old alike who enjoy traveling by bus, in a Christian atmosphere, to see many of our nation’s most prolific sights.

Ludora Perkins, the trip coordinator, began planning the trips in year 2000, and trip-goers have enjoyed a variety of destinations all over the United States, from east to west and north to south.

Group Members Enjoying Trip

At least a year ahead, Ludora, along with her assistant trip planner (and daughter), Kim, begins planning the next year’s trip. The pair works hard to decide which hotels best meet the needs of the group, make reservations for “perfect” activities in the areas to be visited, and find the most affordable rates for their group. When unexpected problems occur en route, group members make the best of the situation while Ludora, Kim, and others work hard to put things back in order.

More Group Members on a Trip

Trips are usually 5 to 10 days long, depending on the distance to be covered. When traveling long distances (such as the 2003 and 2008 trips out west), some days are spent completely on the bus. The group makes the most of this time by engaging in activities such as singing, telling jokes, and simply relaxing.

Perhaps the most popular travel-day activity, however, is Bingo. Throughout the year before a trip, Ludora collects brand new, never-been-used gifts to give away as prizes during Bingo. Group members have won anything from clothing such as T-shirts, to fleece blankets, to electronic items such as cordless telephones and calculators, and few miss an opportunity to play the game.

The Young at Heart group visited Washington, D.C., and Virginia Beach in 2012. What's in store for summer 2013? Niagara Falls!