Our Team

Pastor: Rev. Lewis Haynes

Sunday School Superintendent: Wesley Taylor

Assistant Sunday School Superintendent: Edwin Arnold

Church Clerk: Norene Willis Feese

Secretaries/Treasurers: James Cyrus Feese and Tonya Feese

Adult Sunday School Treasurer: Billy Rice

Adult and Older Youth Sunday School Teacher: David Mann

Assistant Adult Sunday School Teacher: Wesley Taylor

Younger Youth Sunday School Teacher: Tonya Feese

Early Youth Sunday School Teacher: Julie Taylor

Middle School Youth Sunday School Teacher: John Kilgallin

Substitute Youth Sunday School Teachers: Lynn Kilgallin and Shauna Grant

Pianist: Cassie Taylor

Assistant Pianist: Marry Annis Cooley

Assistant Pianist: Linda Taylor

Song Leader: James Cyrus Feese

Assistant Song Leader: Mary Annis Cooley

Assistant Song Leader: LUdora Feese Perkins

Ushers: Aaron Bradshaw, Danny Brockman, and Roger Burton

Technical Coordinators: Mary Annis Cooley and Wesley Taylor

Church Bulletin Coordinator: Ludora Feese Perkins

Greeting Cards Coordinator: Penny Grimes

Cards Coordinator for Birthdays and Christmas for Nursing Home Residents: Mary Annis Cooley

Awana Field Commander: Shauna Grant

Bible School Director: Shauna Grant