Our Pastor, The Reverend Lewis Haynes

The Reverend Lewis Haynes
Bro. Haynes
The Reverend Lewis Haynes has been pastor of Plum Point for more than 36 years and over three different periods of service. Bro. Haynes has also served as pastor of Harrods Fork Baptist Church, Poplar Grove Baptist Church, and Russell Heights Baptist Church. In addition to his ministerial position, Bro. Haynes is a retired teacher of the Adair County School System.

Lewis Haynes was born February 14, 1933, in Lee City (Wolfe County), Kentucky. He earned his primary and secondary education at Lee City Elementary School and Wolfe County High School.

In September 1953, Bro. Haynes was saved and called to the ministry, with baptism by Bro. Russell Heyne. Bro. Haynes became a member of the First Twelve Mile Baptist Church in California (Campbell County), Kentucky, where he taught a youth class, worked in Vacation Bible School, and drove the church bus.

Mary and Lewis Haynes
Mary and Lewis Haynes sing at a special event.
On November 28, 1953, Bro. Haynes married Mary Melissa Becknell of Alexandria (Campbell County), Kentucky.

Bro. Haynes joined Campbellsville Baptist Church in the fall of 1956 after enrolling at Campbellsville College. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a provisional high school teaching certificate from Campbellsville College in the spring of 1960. Bro. Haynes began his teaching career in the fall of 1960 at Adair County High School, where he taught Bible history as well as world history and citizenship courses. He retired from the Adair County School System in the spring of 1990.

Bro. Haynes's ministerial involvement has included a number of churches. He assisted the Reverend Claude Muncy in the early 1950s in the organization of Yuma Baptist Mission (Taylor County, Kentucky) for Campbellsville Baptist Church, and he has served as pastor of the following churches:

  • Harrods Fork Baptist Church (July 1976 to June 1982)
  • Plum Point Baptist Church (January 1960 to December 1966, July 1970 to June 1976, July 1982 to present)
  • Poplar Grove Baptist Church (January 1957 to September 1959)
  • Russell Heights Baptist Church (August 1968 to June 1970)

Bro. Haynes; his wife, Mary; and their son, Robert Lewis (Robbie), live in Columbia, Kentucky.