Plum Point's History

The Original Plum Point Baptist Church
Members at the old Plum Point church

The original Plum Point Baptist Church was organized by residents of northern Adair County, Kentucky, in 1934, and the church building was located on Hwy. 551, about 8 miles outside the county seat of Columbia. When the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed the Green River Dam, forming Green River Lake, in the 1960s, the Plum Point congregation was forced to relocate to a nearby location and build a new church. In 1967, the cornerstone for the church was laid and members dedicated the building.

Today's Plum Point Baptist Church
Plum Point since 1967

Plum Point Baptist Church remains in its 1967 location, and recent enhancements have made the church more inviting. In 2004, church members completed the addition of a fellowship hall, and in 2005 the parking lot was expanded and exterior lighting was installed. Church members and friends have renovated the church's basement for the youth's Sunday School classes. The church installed handrails for the front entrance in 2008, and in that same year the church's worship area added fluorescent lighting so that the church is brighter and more comfortable. The church replaced its entry doors in spring 2009, making the church more attractive and more easily accessible. In 2010, the church purchased an additional two acres of land nearby and adjoining the building as well as built an attractive and useful pavilion at the rear of the building, which you may view here.